What is the worst thing to do hungover?

We carried out a survey and received loads of great responses from our subscribers, it's question thats been on our mind and we asked what's the worst thing to do hungover the next day.

  • Kids birthday party - 31.84%

  • Meeting at work - 29.35%

  • Going on a trip - 15.92%

  • Exercise class - 8.46%

  • Dinner with the in-laws - 7.96%

  • Change nappy - 4.48%

  • Lectures - 1.99%










We also got some custom responses and would like to share some of the good ones! 

"Having to function at all within the next 48hours!"

"EVERYTHING 😂 I'm 32 and the hangovers have got worse over the years no matter how little I drink. I can barely stand horizontally never mind anything else that requires moving."

"A NAGGING MISSUS!!!!!!!!!!"

"Listening my my teens loud mouths 😂"

"Anything apart from sleep"

"Dating sites"

If you have any funny stories email us at info@boomerangdrink.com and we may share it!

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