The Science Behind Boomerang

Some people new to Boomerang may be sceptical about how it works, which is why we created this article to go in depth on each main ingredient in the drink and how it helps prevent a hangover. Each ingredient has a scientific case for its use, and we have taken the information from studies and explained everything as simply as possible so you can understand why Boomerang works.


Curcumin (Found in Turmeric) - Curcumin helps with the metabolism of alcohol, which is broken down in the chemical compound acetaldehyde; The body does eventually break it down, but it takes a long time, Curcumin helps to break it down a lot more quickly.

The human body cannot directly clear alcohol. It must first break alcohol into acetaldehyde which is a well known chemical compound which causes the hangover, this compound is 20 times more toxic than alcohol itself! Because of the toxic nature of acetaldehyde, the amount and length of acetaldehyde exposure can add to the severity of a hangover. Curcumin enhances the ability to eliminate acetaldehyde at a much faster rate than the body normally would. 

Milk Thistle (active ingredient Silymarin) has traditionally been used for many years as a herbal method to promote healthy liver functio. Milk Thistle helps prevent alcohol-induced stress in livers.

Prickly Pear is a well known anti-oxidant. 

Symptoms of a hangover can be largely due to alcohol activating inflammation in the body.  And the Prickly Pear has been found to diminish an over-reactive inflammatory response to stressful stimuli, therefore helping reduce the hangover

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) - Studies have shown that taking NAC can contribute to avoiding damage to your liver from alcohol consumption. NAC works by helping to increase glutathione production which helps break down acetaldehyde, therefore NAC reduces alcohol-induced stress and liver toxicity. 


Vitamin C & B Complex are extremely important for the human body. Studies reveal that alcohol intake can reduce absorption of these crucial vitamins. Not having enough vitamins can lead to various health problems such as a lack of energy and weakened immune system. 

Taking Vitamin C & B complex after drinking alcohol can increase total vitamin absorption and stop the negative effects from alcohol and protect your body's natural enzymes so you can stay healthier and sharper the next day. 

Boomerang also has more Electrolytes than leading sport drinks, this will help you stay hydrated through the night and help your body recover faster. Boomerang doesn't eliminate the need to stay hydrated so you should still drink enough water before bed so the electrolytes are most effective. 

Boomerang also contains ingredients such as - 

Green Tea Extract

Red Ginseng Extract

Korean Pear Extract

Goji Berry Extract

All these are added and help towards a better morning after. 

Case Studies 

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Korean Pear - 

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Electrolytes - 

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