Still not convinced you need Boomerang?

1. 100% money back guarantee
If you don't love Boomerang even though we are confident you will, then we will give you a refund, no questions asked. What's there to lose? 
2. 90% satisfaction score
We love to receive feedback from customers and we always ask what their experience was like. 90% love it and the 10% that didn't, received their money back!
3. Great taste
Boomerang uses delicious tropical fruit flavouring, you can even mix Boomerang with your favourite drinks to make a cocktail!
4. Share with friends
We offer 4, 8 and even a 24 pack of Boomerang to share the experience with friends, perfect for your parties and we even do affordable packages for weddings!
5. Great Value
Imagine the morning after drinking with out negative effects from alcohol, you would be more productive and do all the activities you wish you could after drinking, you can't put a price on that. 
6. Used by millions 
South Korea consume over 30 million bottles of hangover remedies a year, they are the definition of work hard, play hard, they also drink twice as much liquor per week than the Russians. You can now experience the same benefits with Boomerang inspired and created in South Korea. 
7. Handy size 
Our bottle is conveniently sized, you can take it anywhere you go, chuck it in a bag, or back pocket and make sure you always have a Boomerang with you.